3 Screens-3 Tracks-Fits openings less than 104in. x 80in. h

This outside mount patio door package is designed to fit openings less than 104in. x 80in. h. The actual screens are 36in. x 80in. h and slide on a triple track system. Package includes door, required tracking, hardware, and valances. This door package is designed to cover the opening only. If you would like your screens to stack on the wall next to the opening please order one of the track extension packages below. Please go through the options below to customize your shoji screens. If Stock Shoji packages are not right for your needs, please see some examples of our custom shoji here. Or click here for a free custom shoji quote.

You can download Installation Instructions for this shoji package by clicking here



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A durable, furniture-quality, catalyzed lacquer clear coat is always included at no charge, to showcase the natural color and beauty of the wood grain.

Or, choose from our selections of in-house stains or color option upgrades to coordinate with your decor.

We can also provide custom finishing solutions! Please call us to discuss at 800-634-3268

Grid Style  


Laminated papers feature authentic papers which are bonded to a heavy vinyl backing to add strength and durability. These materials allow the transmission of light, and can be easily dusted but are not washable.

Encapsulated papers are sandwiched between two layers of acrylic in our unique encapsulating process, giving the fine look of traditional shoji with added durability. These facings are washable with a damp cloth.

Learn more about facings

Finger Pulls  

Finger pulls are carved into the frame, allowing a place to push and pull the doors back and forth. Our shoji glide easily on tri-wheel rollers, so little effort is needed to move the doors. Pulls are optional, and can be omitted for a cleaner, minimal look.

Click on the finger pull icon below to select locations for your pulls.

  • None needed
  • Stock Carved Finger Pulls (+$15/ea.)

Panel Extensions  

Panel Extensions are made in hardwood to match our stock door finishes perfectly, and can be attached to the edge of a door to increase its width by 3". Panel extensions help stretch the span of the door system if the standard span is slightly too short. We recommend only 1 or 2 panel extensions per opening - you may want to consider a larger door size or more doors if needed.

Track Extension Pkgs.  

Track extension packages include an additional 8 feet of tracking, beyond the stated width span of the door system package, allowing for additional tracking to stack the doors on the wall beyond the opening.

Note that all Door Way packages include enough tracking for a single door width stacking beyond the opening -- to one side on single door packages and both sides on converging door packages